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(Presidential Decree No. 178/2010)

On Feb. 2, 2011, new legislation regarding telemarketing, which legitimizes contacting all subscribers in telephone directories, went into effect. Those who may not wish to receive any kind of promotional calls or be involved in market research via telephone can request that their telephone number be entered in the Register of Oppositions, managed by the Ugo Bordoni Foundation. Registration can be done free of charge via web, e-mail, fax, registered mail or telephone.

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To make the new Telephone Marketing rules even more effective, the Data Protection Authority, in Order No. 073 of Feb. 24, 2011, prepared two models:

Subscriber List Form: sent to new Customers upon contract conclusion or Number Portability request
Register of Oppositions disclosures: sent to Customers already in telephone directories

Resolution No. 252/16/CONS

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In accordance with AGCOM Resolution 244/08/CSP Quality service performance of Internet access from fixed location: for the purpose of transparency and correctness of information provided to end users, we publish the address of the site Concerning the Italian project of monitoring the Quality of Internet Access Service from Fixed Locations, in accordance with AGCOM Resolution 244/08/CSP on “Quality of Internet Access Services from Fixed Locations.”

– Table detailing the services provided with the ADSL offer

Measures of the performance of individual operators’ networks, surveyed by the project throughout the country and published on each operator’s website, are reference values against which to compare different offerings in the market.