ESTOS is a German company that manufactures and sells standard software modules for Unified Communications in order to streamline and simplify the work processes of large, medium and small enterprises.

The ESTOS suite modernizes existing telephone systems, centralizes business address books, and streamlines internal information exchange for better customer and supplier management.

All with a view to providing a daily working tool that can be customized and integrated with existing ICT infrastructures and that can preserve and optimize business investments.

Eng. Lucarelli is a partner of the Estos Company primarily for the ProCall 6 Enterprise software suite.
This package enables improved business communications on all channels, with all operating systems, with advanced security protocols.

Estos suites integrate all business communications in a single application: CTI, Softphone, instant messaging, presence management and desktop sharing, audio/video communication (via WebRTC), with text, audio and audio/video chat capabilities.
All this applies to both internal communications between colleagues and external communications with customers, suppliers, co-workers, etc.

The seamless integration between communication and business work processes, along with the ability to exchange information with external partners via Federation, makes estos Unified Communications a simple, efficient and indispensable tool.
In addition, in the new version 6 of this system it is possible to make VoIP calls from your Windows PC or smartphone.

See ESTOS website