The Service

Decree Law 185/08 introduced the requirement for Companies, Professionals and Public Administrations to establish a “virtual” version of the registered office via Certified Electronic Mail.

PEC is a fast, secure and inexpensive means of communication with the same legal validity guaranteed by traditional paper means (Registered Mail), which, in addition to being a system of transporting computerized documents very similar to the traditional e-mail service, gives the possibility of obtaining a certain, legally valid acknowledgement that the message has been delivered to the recipient.

I Plus

  • Can be used from any location connected to the Internet
  • It has legal value
  • Its delivery is immediate
  • There is certification of shipment, receipt
  • The content of the message is unalterable

The insights


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The offer

Activation Monthly fee
PEC mailbox on
mailbox size 1 Gb
attachments: up to 50 Mb
recipient lists: up to 50
Free Free*
* Free for Customers who have active fee service with Timenet otherwise the annual fee is €49.00
Customer domain or subdomain certification
The certified mailbox is activated on a Customer-owned domain, such as casella@dominio.tld, or on one of its subdomains, such as casella@sottodominio.dominio.tld
Free € 99,00