Jabra Evolve 80 device: much more than a headset

Jabra offers among its flagship products a headset suitable for use in noisy, open-space environments.
It is used for listening with a very good level of sound insulation and for talking because it is equipped with a sensitive microphone.

There are two devices that can improve sound quality:

  • Both active and passive noise cancellation.
  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) eliminates low-frequency noise. So you can stay focused even in large and noisy environments.
  • Passive noise cancellation is the elimination of high-frequency sounds, such as human voices in the surroundings. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and the materials used for the earbuds, you only need to put on the Jabra Evolve 80 to find yourself in a silent environment.

Working without the disturbance of noise allows one to be more productive and to perceive all inputs correctly.
To signal to those around you that you are on the phone, the headset has a red light that comes on when you are busy. Or the light can be turned on manually so as not to be disturbed.

These high-quality devices have 3.5 mm jacks for the most common connections to PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
If a conversation becomes prolonged and you need to switch devices, simply disconnect the jack and connect it with another device to transfer the conversation as well.

All Jabra USB headsets and speakers work with all popular communication platforms.
The Evolve 80 headphones feature first-class speakers designed for both voice and music streaming as well.

Jabra headsets offer models specifically for Unified Communication and models certified for Microsoft Skype for Business.
Models certified for Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), support Microsoft Skype for Business in plug & play mode. They support several functions, such as answering/ending calls, adjusting the volume, and turning the microphone on/off.

Let’s look at the main features of this product

Easy call management

The Evolve 80 headset has a control unit directly on the cable, which can be reached easily and intuitively.
It has built-in buttons to start or end a call, adjust the volume or mute the microphone with great ease. You can customize the headset by configuring the buttons to your liking.

Not only in the office

The Jabra Evolve 80s have a 3.5 mm jack that allow them to connect to a PC, smartphone or tablet. When you are not on a call or are on the move, the microphone arm fully retracts into the headband so that the headset quickly transforms from an office headset to a personal accessory.

Jabra PC Suite

Jabra PC Suite is software that offers several remote call control functions: either directly from the headset or using in-line buttons on the cord. Seamless integration between headset and softphone allows users to move freely while engaged in conversation. Movement improves mental freshness and thus work efficiency. Ergonomics improve the activity of the whole day.

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