Unified communications makes companies work better and save money

Innovation designs new organizational models of work to be more productive. Ease of use and management savings want to make employees’ lives easier.

The technology platform called Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) enables the combination of all the channels that technology offers today: IP telephony, email, fax, instant messaging, the Web, video conferencing, communication-enabled applications and processes, real-time collaboration software and services, touch and voice commands, both via the Web and mobile networks.

On the business side, these technologies provide a unified platform to utilize all the benefits of maximum flexibility and effectiveness in the performance of work.
From the personnel point of view, technology allows every coworker and employee to contribute to the work group at any time, with any device, combining work performance and private life in the best possible way.

This is also a steadily growing market in 2018.
Just to give an example, thanks to these tools, the use of the “webinar” tool has grown a lot. This has increased development and training opportunities for its employees. Learning has never been easier or more effective. And this ensures an up-to-date workforce.

These are now mature tools that are also used outside the corporate system in the strict sense.
We talk about increasing the interaction between all components of the production cycle: customers, suppliers and partners to make the business cycle increasingly fluid.

Another not insignificant aspect of the spillover of new technologies on the quality of work is the possible reduction in real estate costs. The so-called real estate.

Employees can also work from home. This, in addition to improving the quality of life in many cases-especially for mothers-allows for the redefinition of business spaces set up to accommodate them. Less space to set up, clean, furnish, and generally manage.”

We also add the benefits of video communication and video conferencing. Easy-to-use, HD and document-sharing-enabling tools are an important innovation.
Think of the significant relocation costs that can be saved by holding a high-tech meeting. People placed at a great distance from each other but with the same opportunities for interaction as a personal meeting.

The use of IP technology to support collaboration solutions enables a large number of delivery models.
On premises solutions offer the ability to standardize the level of service for all employees wherever they are. “Hosted/cloud” solutions conveniently and quickly add new features and performance, leaving their management and all related issues to a third party: the service provider.

In this hosted/cloud model, you outsource UC&C services. This reduces the risks and costs usually involved in using a new technology.
The purchase of expensive equipment and specialized personnel is avoided. Rather, there is a move toward an “as a Service” model where everyone does their job well.
Specialized companies such as Eng. Lucarelli make their know-how available and save the companies that turn to them from having to invest in purchasing switchboards and personnel to manage them.

Much simpler and more practical apllicate the so-called OPEX model: payment for one service per user.

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