Is your company keeping up with the times?

Today this question applies to both small and medium-sized enterprises with locations spread across several branches. Those who work are increasingly distributed throughout the territory. Customers are also increasingly located all over the place. It is also possible to work from home, at the airport, and on the road thanks largely to increasingly lightweight laptops and the latest generation of smartphones.
But it is the whole world of work that is increasingly fluid and fast-paced.

Do we have the tools to meet this challenge? Avaya has developed tools to help address this need.

It is about Avaya IP Office.

Its purpose is to share information anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is a unified communications system that connects all players in the business process: employees, customers and partners.

The work culture has changed along with society. Fewer and fewer people can only do their work in the office as well as those who have to wear ties every day.
The very nature of work is changing, and the main culprit is technology.
There are continual technological advances. Both theoretical such as a software update and more determinative such as the spread of “augmented reality.”
All these changes are intended to offer new ways of interacting with others.
Augmented reality is changing the design of environments that can now be “experienced” in a very realistic way before they are built.
Or e-commerce is changing our relationship with shopping. What did not exist until a few years ago is now changing world trade.

And someone always stands at the forefront of these changes.
Starbucks, for example, is continuing to succeed by moving ahead of the times and integrating digital platforms with physical locations.
Starbucks’ online loyalty program promotion has grown to include 13 million people, an annual increase of 18 percent. A total of $2.1 billion has been loaded onto Starbucks cards worldwide. In 2016 those who paid for their coffee digitally were more than nine million customers.

This, like the other mega-companies pursuing these developments, use technology to the fullest to understand how it can help them sell more. A great lesson for all companies.

But people are still, fortunately, the primary resource of labor.
However, the place where people perform it changes very quickly.
Many people today talk about the famous “work-life balance,” and technology represents both the force behind it and the result of it.
Everyone is increasingly connected and does not adhere to strict working hours.
But the key to success comes from knowing how to engage people within a project, and in this technology can help.

More and more varied are the ways in which a company promotes its services.
Until less than 30 years ago, marketing consisted of direct promotion (mail, telephone), TV, radio and print media. Today, companies connect with their customers in hundreds of different ways, on the most diverse devices. Websites, e-mail, social platforms, SMS, geo-netting, smart boards, push notifications, in-app messaging, banner advertising, and even wearable products are evolving to enable companies to deepen their relationships with customers.
And it is necessary to use many, if not all of them.

Technology allows a company to present itself to customers in so many ways that consistent omnichannel marketing is no longer an option.
And this is also thanks to the use of the cloud. Because the cloud is always on, even if the computer
On your desk it is not.

Avaya IP Office™ integrates calls, messaging, conferencing, and customer management into a single system, cloud-based so without you dealing with the issues.

An excellent unified communications solution that

  • Sends e-mail, voice and text messages to the same inbox
  • Includes call management, messaging, conferencing, presence, IM
  • Integrated, always-on security system and centralized management.

Avaya IP Office connects you with your customers and employees in any way: voice, SMS, chat, e-mail and even fax. You can offer what the people who interact with you and promote your company want.
For everyone who is in the office and needs to connect with those who work remotely, those who travel, those who are in hotels or somewhere difficult to work. To be in touch with vendors always on the move. For receptionists who need to put customers in touch with vendors.
All integrated into popular applications such as, Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Skype for Business…
Avaya innovations integrate with Find Me/Follow Me mobile technology and can support a single location deployment with a minimum of 5 users or manage up to 150 branches and 3,000 users.

Will that be enough for you?

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